RUNWAY has been on sale by Kable Distribution for 10 years. We used the name in commerce well before anyone partnered with the media giant.
We reserve the right to license and use the RUNWAY trademark, in all countries. The trademark is a secondary symbol of ownership as shown by the US Federal Court
By legal definition a magazine is a printed book delivered at least 4 times a year. All trademark holders are required by law to put out at least 4 issues by law and put them on file at the library of commerce USA.

There are lots of fakes out there,  with heavy trademark abuse from China and France.
All that is truly important is the first use date, and RUNWAY was well before any other filing date around the world.

Use your common sense, don’t trust the internet, a good scam artist will have fake sites too. 

The best way to tell fakes is look for obvious fake items like liable, slander, no real corporation post liable of its websites.
Any easy way to see if a company has a fake license is ask for the last 4 issues printed then follow up with proof from the internet.
You will see the last 6 years of RUNWAY on out magazine site , most magazine have these archives to show.
Lastly only lawyers can sue, so if you get a email always check to make sure it’s from a real law office, get the attorney’s license number.
a Cease and Desist can not be sent international without an attorney and sending one into another country where you do not have a trademark is a criminal offense in most places. Sending mass emails into foreign territories is also a huge clue,  if you get an email from RUNWAY it will be from an attorney, if it doesn’t look real it is not.
Next, anything with Devil wears Prada on it is a scam, FOX does not approve of the use of their materials associated with our book, this is a great way to tell a fake.

Each country will be assigned their own website such as which will ask as the base for that country.

RUNWAY was awarded for International use by US Federal court CV09 – 8333 RSWL – 2009
Fakes will show marks from foreign countries registered after 2014 using unaudited dates as dates of first use.
PLEASE NOTE: The United States ( the originator and chief trademark agency worldwide.

All trademarks are on file at , foreign marks are licensed under UPSTO via WIPO.

RUNWAY® – 4449667                                        WIPO: 1183826

RUNWAY TV® – 3872255                                  WIPO: 1058844

RUNWAY NEWS® – 3964775

RUNWAY BEAUTY® – 3434722

RUNWAY magazine®:          WIPO 1058209

SOCIAL MEDIA: We are @runway – anything but @runway or @runway followed by the country is not valid.
Look for obvious scams like an “s” at the end of magazine.. magazines.

For license information please contact us from from front page.